Support Hardware

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  • Testing and analysing of failures
  • Replacing of modules (Extensions, hard disks, Cell phone display etc.)
  • Repair with data recovery and storage
  • Exchange of periphery (Mouse, keyboard, printer,...)
  • Extensions (RAM, Graphics board etc. incl. driver installation)
  • Purchase and sale of hardware


Supported systems (example)

  • Standard PCs and Laptops/Notebooks
  • Various Mobile devices/cell phones (iPhone, htc, Galaxy)
  • PowerPC computer systems (Mac, Pegasos, etc)
  • Classic 16/32 Bit computer (Amiga, Atari)
  • Classic 8 Bit computer



Hint: Some devices can only declared as repairable after an examination (without costs). For some special treatment (e.g. soldering) I will recommend you a specialist.


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