Service software support

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  • Support at installation and maintenance of the operating system
  • Support at installation of programs
  • Driver updates
  • Repair of software failures
  • Restoration/Salvage of data
  • Restoration/Reset of passwords
  • Training/Consulting to software and security
  • Data analysing and inquiry


Support software engineering

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  • Creation of customer software: Programming Tools, Games
  • Creation of data: Image manipulation, 3D Graphics
  • Creation of websites (at request)
  • Purchase and selling of software (On storage device and download)


Supported systems (examples)

  • Windows XP, 7, 8
  • Linux (eg. SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu; x86,68k,PPC)
  • AmigaOS (68k,PPC)
  • MorphOS


Apps (Android)

SOS Flashlight with Morse

GOLD to go, ATM App

A (full) moon tool



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