Spectrum, what can we do for you?

Computer problems can vary in a wide spectrum of problems.

For the customer it is often hard to examinate where the problem is.

Therefore you can look in our spectrum of hard- and software support.

Even if your problem is not listed, don't hesitate to ask us. In many cases we can offer help.


As Hardware we are talking about things you can touch, like computer, hard disks, memory drives. We look for new hardware, replace modules and test your system.

Hardware repair spectrum


Software is data, which can be stored to your computer, like programs, texts, images, videos and music. We look for new programs, repair your software and salvage your files.

Software repair spectrum


We also visit our customers. Within Reutlingen, the approach is free of cost



Hint: Some devices can only declared as repairable after an examination (without costs). For some special treatment (e.g. soldering) I will recommend you a specialist.


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